Frozaritas is the brainchild of entertainment industry mogul Charlie Walk and hospitality changemaker, Derek Gonzalez to transform the frozen beverage industry.

After joining forces to strategically brand and launch Pilo’s Tequila Garden in Miami, a unique outdoor nightlife concept known for selling the most tequila per square foot in North America, the dynamic duo searched for their next venture.

Walk and Gonzalez incorporated vibrant margarita recipes into Pilo’s menu, but yearned to take a new beverage concept a step further with a full-fledged lifestyle brand. Simultaneously during the same weekend, Walk in Vegas and Gonzalez at Disney World, both noticed the packed lines for frozen daiquiris. That’s when their thirst to create the ‘World’s Best Frozarita’ was born.

However, the pair didn’t want to open a generic daiquiri bar using artificial sweeteners and low quality rum. They wanted to build a scalable and versatile concept to implement the world’s best and first frozen margaritas using top shelf tequila, organic mixers, authentic Mexican inspirations, and natural ingredients.

Walk’s experience building superstar celebrities/brands and Gonzalez’s knack for developing premium Tequila labels/restaurant concepts proves the brand’s path for success in the marketplace.

Additionally, both founders are passionate about giving back to the community through Pilo’s mission to employ individuals with special abilities. Frozaritas intends to do the same and work with organizations dedicated to creating positive social change. Now that’s something to lift your Frozaritas glass to!

Definition of Frozarita:



All natural, organic, frozen cocktail made with top-quality tequila redefining the frozen beverage industry.

What is a Frozarita?

Frozaritas is elevating the frozen beverage industry with vibrant, proprietary flavor combinations, organic ingredients, top-tier tequila, and innovative lifestyle concepts with influences from Miami + Mexico, the world’s ‘Cocktail Capitals.’

It’s only fitting that the first location is currency under construction at Pilo’s Tequila Garden, an indoor/outdoor nightlife staple in the Magic City and ONLY Tequila Garden in the world.

Frozaritas is on the fast track to expand throughout the country in the next few months/years through various concepts relevant to each market. With customer staples, rotating seasonal flavors, and unique combinations no one has dared to try, we are changing the frozen beverage game and making frozen margaritas a lifestyle.

What is the ‘Frozaritas Experience’?
Is Frozaritas a bar? A frozen drink concept? A lifestyle brand? All of the above. Our brick and mortar and pop-up locations provide the perfect place to let loose at night, grab a Frozarita with colleagues during a lunch break, catch up with friends after work, or cool down on a hot day. You can find our proprietary frozen beverages at your favorite existing establishments or at our various concepts throughout the country.

We are expanding!

Interested in getting involved and joining the Frozaritas family? Whether you want to add our proprietary machines and mixes to your existing establishment or looking to become a Frozaritas Franchisee…we want to work with you. Email drink@frozaritas.com to bring Frozaritas to your hometown or a new market!